The H2O SOSTM, designed by Water Damage Prevention Systems LLC, is a water leak detection and control system for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. H2O SOSTM acts as a circuit breaker for the building’s water supply. It controls the situation by detecting a plumbing failure or accidental overflow AND by automatically turning off the water supply to the home or commercial space.

Sensors placed throughout the property send signals to shut off the water supply upon detection of a leak.

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How the H2O SOSTM system works

A leak detection and control system for residential, commercial and industrial properties

Sensors placed throughout the property send signals to shut off the water supply upon detection of a leak.

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The H2O SOSTM can be used anywhere that a potential leak or accidental overflow can occur. Click below to see some of the most common applications for the system.

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Water Damage Prevention Systems LLC is a preferred service provider of many fine builders. Here is a partial list: 

Pro System

Professional Grade Components

H2O SOS uses the highest quality professional grade components. The system has been designed to easily integrate into your existing security system or smart home network.

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24/7 Protection

According to the American Insurance Association, water leaks in the home cause more than $10 billion in property losses annually. Homeowners, business owners, and insurance companies bear the burden of those losses. By installing the H2O SOSTM system, you can protect your property, valued possessions, and critical records from water damage. You could also qualify for premium discounts, and in some cases, a subsidy for the cost of the system. The following insurers currently provide discounts to owners with professionally installed, multi-zoned water leak and shut-off systems.

If your company isn't listed, call them and encourage them to get on board.


David Mauzé

“As a builder of fine, custom homes, we offer our homeowners only the best in products and finishes. For several years, we have been pleased to offer the H2O SOSTM system. Having this system installed in their new home gives peace of mind to the client as well as the builder. We’ve found Rod McDonald with Water Damage Prevention Systems LLC to be highly professional on all our projects, always on time and on budget.”

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A. Arquitt

“…we also received a letter from the insurer suggesting that we might want to consider installing a leak detection system so that they could continue to insure our property. Along with the letter, they sent a list of companies which supplied leak detection systems. I researched these companies and decided that the H2O SOSTM was the one that met our needs for several reasons. Unlike some systems, it did not require extensive reworking of all water entry locations, meaning that minimal time was required for a plumber to install the major component…”

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About Water Damage

Every year in North America, hundreds of thousands of property owners experience flood damage from faulty plumbing leaks.

Internal flooding is caused by defective washing machines and hoses, water heaters, toilets, ice maker lines, and A/C units.

A 1/8 inch pipe crack can leak as much as 250 gallons of water per day. This could mean thousands of gallons over a few days.

Your insurance company may cover some expenses, but nothing can compensate for irreplaceable personal items and emotional loss.

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