A. Arquitt

“In 2011 we experienced what we thought was a slight water leak from our water heater. However, this leak seeped under the wall from the garage into the house and under a relatively newly installed floating cork floor. While our home insurance fully covered the repair, we also received a letter from the insurer…

David Mauzѐ

“As a builder of fine, custom homes, we offer our homeowners only the best in products and finishes. For several years, wehave been pleased to offer the H20 SOS system. Having this system installed in their new home gives peace of mind to the client, as well as the builder. We’ve found Rod McDonald with Water Damage Prevention Systems, LLC, to be highly professional on all our projects ­ always on time and on budget.”

David Mauzѐ / Mauzѐ Construction Corp.

“Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that the H2O SOS has probably already paid for itself. While the little grandkids were visiting (just potty trained), one of them must have clogged up the toilet with paper. Some one went in to use, flushed, and left. Well the bowl overflowed onto the tile floor, and the H2O SOS shut off all the water and limited the overflow. The water was contained in the tile area, prevented by the thresholds from flowing onto the reclaimed wood flooring. As you know, we just moved back in the house in June after a year’s reconstruction, because a connector had broken off another toilet and flooded the entire house.Lots of time, money, and frustration avoided with the latest incident.”

Tom Hilton / Horseshoe Bay, TX

Tom Hilton

Alan Weinblatt

“Just a note to tell you the H2O SOS you recently installed is the best investment I’ve made in a decade. As far as I’m concerned it paid for itself within weeks. An incorrectly installed cold water hose to our refrigerator sprang a small leak. Your H2O SOS signaled the leak immediately, which meant we were able to call the plumber before an annoyance became a big bill. And you were generous enough to take time from your busy schedule to verify that the system did its job. I call that service with a capital “S”!

Kent Janes

” installed in our home when we built it two years ago. This last weekend my wife and I were helping friends move and were gone all day. Sometime during the day we had a pipe failure in a wall at the shower valve. The H2O SOS worked its magic and shut the water off before any damage was done. The system more than paid for itself. Our insurance deductible alone would have been more than the cost of the entire system!”

Kent Janes / San Antonio, TX

John W. Bell

“My wife and I decided to purchase the H2O SOS after we experienced the near flooding of our house one night while we slept. The water came from the hot water supply line under the kitchen sink. Fortunately, I discovered the problem before there was any major flooding and all of the water was confined to the kitchen floor. If I had not gotten up to let the dog outside I would not have discovered the problem before morning. By then our entire house would have been flooded.”

Peter Kounov

“Last year, our home suffered a major flooding caused by a defective pipe in our master bathroom on the last floor. Almost half of the house needed to be rebuilt while we were staying at a hotel 4 months long. Right away I started looking for a device that could prevent future flooding at home, which led me to Rod’s product. I installed the device under Rod’s guidance, tested it a couple of times and was relieved, at last. I was very happy with Rod’s service all the way and would recommend his product to anyone who is concerned about such type of disaster.”

Peter Kounov / PK High-precision Inc, Ontario, Canada