frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of installing a water leak detection system?

  •  24 hour leak protection from undetected plumbing leaks or accidental overflows.
  • Potential savings on homeowners insurance premium.
  • No need to file an insurance claim.
  • Peace of mind that comes with knowing that your single largest investment is protected from plumbing related water damage.
  • Protect contents and valuables.
  • Conserves water and protects landfill from damaged building materials.

How much does it cost to install the H2O SOS?

  • Cost of an entire system is usually a fraction of your homeowners deductible.
  • There are 2 separate costs associated with installing the H2O SOS – the cost of the components and the labor costs to install the system.
  • The cost of the components is determined whether or not the sensors will be hardwired or wireless, the size of the incoming water line (3/4”, 1” etc.) and the number of zones that the Control Panel is.
  • A licensed plumber should be hired to install the H2O SOS Shut Off valve on the main water line coming into the building. This installation will normally take 1 hour. If you are handy you will be able to install the Control Panel and the Sensors by yourself. If you are not comfortable with “low voltage” wiring then your will need to hire someone to do it.
  • For a 3 bathroom home the average cost for the components will be approximately $1200 -$1500. The cost to install the system will be about the same amount.

Does the H2O SOS Shut Off valve affect my water flow?

  • No, it does not. The Certified Lead Free Valve is “full port” and you will not lose any water pressure or water volume.

If my water is off how will I know which sensor is wet?

  • The Control Panel can be a Single Zone or a Multi Zone System (multiples of 8).
  • By utilizing the Multi Zone Control Panel the H2O SOS Water Sensors can be “zoned” making it easier to track down the wet sensor.
  • If using the Single Zone Control Panel each sensor will need to be looked at until the wet sensor is discovered.

My house is already built. How will I install the sensors?

  • The H2O SOS Water Sensors may be hardwired, wireless or a combination of both.
  • For homes that are already built and may be difficult to run wire the use of the Wireless Sensors makes the installation process easy to accomplish.
  • The Wireless Sensors are battery operated and the batteries will last a number of years. The batteries should be checked annually.

Other than the checking/changing of batteries is there any other maintenance involved?

  • Monthly testing of the system is the only maintenance that is required.
  • Simply put a damp cloth under a Water Sensor to activate the system and check that the water supply is turned off.

Can the H2O SOS be monitored by my existing Security System?

  • Yes, the H2O SOS can be integrated with an existing Security System.Is there a warranty?Yes, Water Damage Prevention Systems LLC offers a1 year warranty on all of the components of the H2O SOS. If installed by an Authorized Dealer the warranty extends to 5 years.

Does the installation of the Shut Off valve affect my underground irrigation system?

  • No it does not. The H2O SOS Shut Off valve is installed after the take off for the irrigation system water.

This list of FAQ is quite general.  H2O SOS has been designed to make the installation process as streamlined as possible.Further questions can be submitted by email to info@h2odps.com, or by telephone toll-free at 1 844-209-7429.