Distributor and Dealer Opportunities are available through Water Damage Prevention Systems LLC.
The H2O SOS can be installed by Home Automators, Low Voltage Contractors, Plumbers and handymen in both new and existing (retrofit) construction. You may already have customers in mind that would like to hear about the H2O SOS!

Authorized Distributors and Dealers:
A Distributor sells the product to its existing customers or directly to the end users when no Dealer is in the immediate area.

Dealers are responsible for selling and installing the H2O SOS. No need to worry about franchise agreements, royalties, or financial reports. All that is required is a willingness to “pound the pavement”.

Selected territories will be based on population. Territories are not exclusive,  however, WDPS LLC will try to be selective to guarantee a quality mix of dealers.

Authorized Distributors and Dealers receive:

  • Potential leads from within their territory from the WDPS LLC website.
  • Full training and support from WDPS LLC.
  • Ability to provide Authorized Installation Certificates needed by customers to receive insurance discounts.
  • Preferred discount pricing based upon volume. (A minimum order may be required.)
  • On-line ordering for fast service.

Authorized Distributors and Dealers must meet the following criteria:

  • Be innovative and creative, think outside of the box.
  • Contact sales leads furnished from WDPS LLC in a timely manner (within 1 business day).
  • Purchase product from WDPS LLC or from Authorized H2O SOS Distributors only.

Water Damage Prevention Systems LLC reserves the right to add Authorized Dealer/Installers at their own discretion.

For more information please contact Rod McDonald by email at info@h2odps.com Do you need FloodStopper parts or service? Please contact us by email.