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The H2O SOSTM system, designed by Water Damage Prevention Systems LLC, is a water leak detection and control system for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. H2O SOSTM consists of professional-grade parts made in the USA and Italy and features a Certified Lead-Free Shut Off Valve, Water Sensors, and Central Control Panel.

H2O SOSTM acts like a circuit breaker for the property’s water supply and controls the situation by detecting a plumbing failure or accidental overflow. As soon as a sensor detects water, the water supply is immediately turned off. With the supply of water turned off, a potential disaster has been averted, saving the devastation, expense, and headaches of water damage and insurance claims.


Multiple sensors are placed in zones throughout your home or business at points of potential water leaks. These sensors are mounted on the floor near potential problem zones: behind toilets, washing machines, dishwashers, under sinks, water heaters, icemakers and refrigerator water lines, the water softener, and other locations.

The H2O SOSTM Water Sensors are connected to the Control Panel, which is wired to the Shut Off Valve mounted on the main water supply to the building. Sensors can be hardwired, wireless (RF), or a combination of both.

If any of these sensors detects water, it sends an electronic signal to the control panel. The control panel emits an audible and visual alarm. Some models may be wired directly into the building’s alarm system, which provides the property owner with another notification. The H2O SOSTM Control Panel then alerts the Certified Lead-Free Water Valve to close … all in a matter of seconds!

With the supply of water turned off, a possible catastrophe has been averted and the expense and headaches of water damage and insurance claims have been avoided. Once the leak has been corrected, the water supply is easily restored by pressing a button on the Control Panel.

The Control Panel comes in either a Single Zone, 8 Zones, or in multiples of 8 (16, 24, 32, etc.). The isolation of Water Sensors in multiple zones makes it easier to locate the problem.

Water leak detection and control system for residential, commercial and industrial properties

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