Our Story

Twenty years ago, I had an idea. The year was 1999 and the entire world was worried about Y2K and computer devastation. I worked for a water damage remediation company in San Antonio and was more concerned with a different kind of devastation; the physical and emotional devastation homeowners suffered when unchecked plumbing leaks wreaked havoc on their homes and personal treasures.

I was often first on the scene and heard the stories: “I got up this morning ready to tackle the day and my first step was onto a soggy carpet,” or, “we just got back from a great vacation and water poured out the front door when we opened it,”. Real stories. Real people. Real pain.

Imagine yourself facing the initial shock of water damage. Then think about the aftershocks that follow: time off from work dealing with the mess; noisy fans and dehumidifiers interrupting your sleep; the emotion of sorting through water-logged personal items; and the headache of filing an insurance claim. The list goes on and on. I thought about it a lot.

Although I provided a valuable service to help homeowners recover, I knew there had to be a better way… a way to shut off the water before a small leak became a catastrophe. It was then that the idea for H2O SOSTM was born and WDPS LLC was formed.

The world has changed a lot in the last 20 years. Although Y2K proved to be no big deal, it spawned a technology revolution that is changing the world. But one thing that hasn't changed… the sad fact that plumbing related water leaks and accidental overflows happen every single day all over North America.

However, at WDPS LLC, we can help. There is a way to save homeowners and even business owners the pain, agony, and damage caused by a water leak. It’s called H2O SOSTM. And it does just what I knew was possible. Through a system of sensors, H2O SOSTM discovers that a leak has occurred and sends a signal to a control panel that activates a valve to shut off the water at the supply line. It’s that simple.

As with other service businesses, our technology has and will continue to evolve. But the reason we’re in business won’t change.

Many years ago someone asked what I do. I went into an animated description of how the system works. They asked me again. “What is it that you do”? Again, I started to describe the system, but they stopped me. “I understand that. But what do you offer people”?

That’s when it hit me. What WDPS offers people is peace of mind. A comfort in knowing that the largest single investment in their lives is protected from the devastation of plumbing related water damage. Sooner or later, every home, every business, and every building will sustain some type of water damage. Like a thief in the night, it comes without warning and the damage can be devastating.

So, if you want to feel this peace of mind, knowing you can proactively save yourself the physical and emotional devastation I’ve described, give me a call.

Rod McDonald, Owner
Phone: (210) 392-0539

Email: info@h2odps.com

How the H2O SOSTM Works